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Ian Fleming - Octopussy and The Living Daylights (Detective)

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Ian Fleming - Octopussy and The Living Daylights [ Spy detective. Tom Hiddleston ]

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Ian Fleming - Octopussy and The Living Daylights [ Spy detective. Tom Hiddleston ]

Ян Флеминг - Octopussy and The Living Daylights [ Шпионский детектив. Том Хиддлстон ]

Book title: Octopussy and The Living Daylights
The author's surname: Fleming
The author's name: Ian
Performer: Tom Hiddleston
Language: Britian English
ISBN or ASIN: 1471309606
Publishing house: AudioGO Limited

Genre: Spy detective

Playing time: 03:39:53

Contents and Description ( Plots ):

Octopussy / Осьминожка (read by Tom Hiddleston):

The Secret Service operative James Bond, code name 007, is assigned to apprehend a hero of the Second World War implicated in a murder involving a cache of Nazi gold. Bond appears briefly in this story, which is told mostly in flashback and from the point of view of Major Dexter Smythe, the villain. Bond chooses not to take Smythe into custody immediately, but Smythe's guilt drives him to commit suicide by allowing a scorpion fish to sting him and his "pet" Blue-ringed octopus to attack him, bringing on a fatal heart attack.

На северном побережье Ямайки живёт одинокий майор в отставке Декстер Смайт. Он тихо доживает свои уже не долгие после двух инфарктов годы и почти забыл о своей службе в Бюро специальных операций. Ему придется вспомнить. И ключевую роль в этом сыграет 007.\

The Property of a Lady / Собственность леди (read by Tom Hiddleston): [ 01:23:20 ]

Bond investigates a Secret Service employee, Maria Freudenstein, who is a double agent about to be paid by her Russian keepers by auctioning the "Emerald Sphere", crafted by Peter Carl Fabergé, at Sotheby's in her name. The Russians have sent the Resident Director of the KGB in London to attend the auction and underbid for the item to push the price to the necessary value to pay for her services as a double agent. Bond attends the auction in hopes of spotting this man; after he does so, the man is expelled from London as persona non grata.

На этот раз 007 предстоит разоблачить махинацию русских спецслужб на аукционе Сотби и выявить резидента КГБ в Лондоне.

The Living Daylights / Искры из глаз (read by Tom Hiddleston): [ 02:18:22 ]

An unusually morose James Bond is assigned sniper duty to help British agent 272 escape from East Berlin. Bond's duty is to prevent a top KGB assassin codenamed "Trigger" from killing 272 by eliminating the sniper. Bond waits for three nights for the agent to come over no man's land and notices a female orchestra arriving and leaving for practice each night; a beautiful, blonde cellist catches his eye while he waits. When he sees the agent start making his way over the broken ground, he sees the Russian sniper take up position and realises it is the cellist: a split second decision sees Bond deciding instead to shoot the butt of her rifle, preventing her from making the kill. The mission, while successful, is also considered a failure due to Bond's last-second decision, and it ends with Bond hoping that M fires him for it.

Секретная Служба ожидает из-за железного занавеса своего агента 272 с важными сведениями о советской ядерной программе. Известно, что границу тот будет переходить в Берлине. Англичанам известно, что об этом также знают в КГБ, и русские собираются ликвидировать 272-го с помощью своего снайпера по кличке «Курок». На пути убийцы должен стать 007…

007 in New York / Агент 007 в Нью-Йорке (read by Lucy Fleming): [ 03:14:13 ]

A brief tale in which Bond muses about New York City and his favourite recipe for scrambled eggs, during a quick mission to the titular city to warn a female MI6 employee that her new boyfriend is a KGB agent. It is notable for including a rare humorous conclusion and for its mention of Solange, a young lady of Bond's intimate acquaintance who works in a shop, Abercrombie's, "appropriately employed in their Indoor Games Department".

Задача Бонда — предупредить сотрудницу МИ-6 по имени Соланж, что её любовник — агент КГБ…

Bonus / Бонус: [ 03:30:35 ]

Interview with Tom Hiddleston / Небольшое интервью с Томом Хиддлстоном.
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